Spring Thomas - Black Girl Conversion

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Spring Thomas - Black Girl Conversion

Hi Boys...and Girls! Why girls? Well, it seems lots of my members are girls, and I've been getting some great e-mails from them. Things like: Dear Spring, my whiteboy is packing 5 full inches so I connect with you girlfriend! Keep up fucking those huge black guys! And please, please, please...can I be the next white girl you convert? OR ELSE the e-mails sound like this: Dear Spring, I'm a woman who loves the taste of black pussy. Please entertain more of the sistahs, pretty please! THEN there's this one member who calls herself E. Holly. (She writes me *all the time*). This time she writes: Dear Spring, I love big black cock AND eating pussy. I'm an EXTREME girl, and just like you, I'm a SIZE QUEEN. I'm tired of white guys with pathetically small pee-pees. I like my men big, and I like them black. I'll try just about anything once. I've picked up a negro at a bar, sucked his 12 inch black cock in the parking lot, then came home to my apartment and ate out my roomie...her name is Erin and we both LOVE your site. For this week's update can I please watch you eat some chocolate taco? -- Your wish is my command, E. Holly. XOXO -- Spring.

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