Spring Thomas - Plowing My Ass

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Spring Thomas - Plowing My Ass

I *luv* acting, and in this week's update, I get to act a whole lot! That's why it's one of my very favorite updates. Another reason I luv it so much is I get to hook up with three new niggahs...Smokey and his LMT's! See, I get hurt lifting weights with my new, ahem, personal trainer, Smokey. After he takes me up to his office he has his 2 assistants strip me naked and take my temperature...with their humungous black dicks! They each take turns seeing how hot I am, and I guess I was pretty hot, cause buy did those dicks get rock hard! I seriously think my favorite LMT was packin' 10 inches, and he even called it the jungle dick!!! Wow! After getting fucked in a bunch of different positions, it turned into another intensive week of ass training for me...those niggahs plowed my poor rectum with a buttplug that was way bigger than what I was ready for! Well, the blue one finally got crammed in there all the way, but what's up with the purple one!?! WTF?!?! I'm barely 18! You can't go stickin' that crazy shit up my ass! What the hell!?! LOL...anyways, after the butt plug treatment, MIA tries to shove his cock up my ass. At 8 inches, he was the littlest dick in the room (well, not counting the white cameraman...hee hee). After all the ass play, I end up my usual messy self, full of black cream...this time it's smeared all over my face, tits, and tummy...I don't think I've been this messy my entire life! So, enjoy the update, and I'll see ya next week with another crazy episode! XOXO. Spring Thomas.

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