Spring Thomas - Beauty and LT

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Spring Thomas - Beauty and LT

Well guys, judging from your e-mails, you loved me taking on black cock and pussy at the same time soooo much I'm back for more. This time, it's with my main-most-niggah LT and one of his lady friends, Beauty. This scene turned crazy! After starting with LT, he asked me if I liked black pussy as much as cock, and I admitted that I did: enter Beauty! Whew. She immediately backed her niggah ass into my face so I could lick it clean...and lick it I did. In more than one position. C-L-E-A-N. I also cleaned LT's cock numerous times, as seen in this week's update. I needed some more practice after the black cock cleaning I did with Skyy and Jamal. So clean clean clean I did! But we saved the best part for last: LT shoots a load as big as his 9 1/2 cock, and *shoot* it did! 6 or 8 healthy ropes are launced in what could easily be the most drenched I've ever been in black seed! Enjoy!!! XOXOX -- Spring.

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