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Teeny Bopper Club Lily Carter
Back at the local college campus to recruit some new members to our club. Walking throught the parking lot was a hotty in some very short shorts so we approached her and asked if she was interested in some modeling. Lily Carter knew right away it was her chance to be in our special club!

Teeny Bopper Club Tegan Summers
Out for a drive to the park we were flagged down by a teeny in need. Tegan needed help moving, but her friends never showed. She saw us with a truck so she waved us down to see if we could help her out. Seeing how hot she was, we asked if she could help us out and be our newest Teenybopper!

Teeny Bopper Club Jolisa Ryan
At the park filming his golf swing, Billy was getting some practice to work on his swing. Jolisa Ryan came up and asked if she could try a shot. Not knowing what she was doing, she hit one out of control and hit a car. Billy paid the guy off and then asked how she was going to pay him back. Jolisa said she was willing ...

Teeny Bopper Club Charlie Ann
Visiting Cali, Charlie was exploring the area. Trying to take a photo of herself, Barry noticed and asked if he should take her picture. She was a bit shy to say, but she recognized Barry from all the porn she watches and then asked if she could be a member of our special club!

Teeny Bopper Club Billi Ann
Teeny Bopper Club presents Billi Ann... While on the course, the cart girl was flirting with Will. After our game Billi came to the parking lot to ask what we were up to. Getting off work she wanted to hang out. Seeing she would be a perfect member to our club, we asked her to come back to the studio and have some fun!

Teeny Bopper Club Aleska Diamond
Teeny Bopper Club brings you Aleska Diamond... Searching the community college for new students, we saw Aleska sitting out front of the English department. Coming from Russia to learn English, Aleska wanted to learn everything American. We told her about our special club, and she wanted into our exclusive club!

Teeny Bopper Club Alexia Rae
Teeny Bopper Club presents Alexia Rae... Seeing an argument going on, we turned on the camera just in-case anything happened. We went up to Alexia and asked if she was ok and it was just another argument with her boyfriend. We asked her if she wanted to come back to the studio to get some revenge and join our club!

Teeny Bopper Club Evelyn Hughes
Teeny Bopper Club brings you Evelyn Hughes... Out looking for houses we see a hotty walking through the neighborhood, we just had to talk to her about the area. Evelyn told us about some good areas. She asked us what we were up to and we told her we were headed to the beach. Wanting to go she hoped in and headed off with ...

Teeny Bopper Club Haley Cummings
Teeny Bopper Club brings you Haley Cummings... While walking through the park we have been having luck at, we see a hot blonde walking by. Billy gave her the eye and she recognized him from awhile back. Haley and Billy used to fuck but lost touch over the year. She was super horny and ready to relive the good old times ...

Teeny Bopper Club Ally Kay
Running into an old friend from his film class, Barry always thought Ally Kay would be perfect as a new member to our club. She knew what kind of movies Barry did and was always curious about joining our elite club. We gave her the chance to become a member and join the Teeny Bopper Club!

Teeny Bopper Club Ella Milano
At the park for a photography class assignment we noticed a teeny out for a stroll. Ella lives close to the park and walks there every day. Asking for her to show us around she asked what was in it for her. Barry told her entrance into a private and secret club!

Teeny Bopper Club Colby McAdams
Meeting Colby McAdams at a concert, Barry was talking with her about his job. She wanted to get paid for getting laid so she asked if she could join our teeny bopper club. We had to get her on camera to see how she would do in front of the camera. During our interview she told us that being on camera was starting to get ...

Teeny Bopper Club Roma
Julian and I did our usual rounds in town for Teeny Bopper Club Update. It was kind of hot but Roma was ignoring the blistering heat while she was playing in the park. I walked towards her and asked what the hell she was doing. This 18yo teen cutie told me that she was practicing for the school varsity. Her ball skill ...

Teeny Bopper Club Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown is the newest and our fresh face talent for today. Shes interested to start her porn career so we asked her to try her luck in our secret club! We offer her cash to get start and absolutely her moment to shine. We tourned her at the studio and she easily turned on to what she saw and quickly get her membership ...

Teeny Bopper Club Victoria Lawson
Back to campus after winter break we see Victoria walking towards us. Asking us about the camera, we tell her about our club. Always curious to see behind the scenes, she was willing to become our newest member! When she got to the studio and got the tour around the place, she was a bit turned on as well as curious to ...

Teeny Bopper Club Allie Haze
Heading to the college's new art gallery showing a girl was handing out flyers. Taking one and talking with her, she was recruiting for her new art club. We told her about our elite club and she would be a perfect candidate to join. Interested in being a member, Allie came back with us to join!

Teeny Bopper Club Kelly Skyline
For some extra cash this holiday season, Barry got a job at the mall. That is where he met Santa's helper Kelly. During a break they were discussing how much the job sucked. Barry gave her the option to make some extra cash being our newest member to the TeenyBopper Club!

Teeny Bopper Club Rebecca Blue
We headed to the mall to find some shopaholic teenys and found Barry walking with a sexy blonde. Funny thing is Barry called in sick to spend time with Rebecca. Since he called in on us, we thought we would fuck with him and blow his cover. We told her he was in the adult industry. Her face lit up and she said she was ...

Teeny Bopper Club Amber Sun
Amber is new to town and was out for a walk in the park late at night. Not knowing she was tresspassing, she got a ticket for it. Barry was talking to her the next day and she was bummed that she didn't have the cash. We offered her a cash reward to join the club!

Teeny Bopper Club Victoria White
Our new guy Brett has talked about a friend who always wanted to do porn and we met up with her to see if she was ready. Victoria was more then ready to become a member of our special club that she almost got started right there in the parking lot! We got her back to the studio as soon as possible where she got her membership ...

Teeny Bopper Club Addison Cain
My friends and I had a wild Halloween party last night but too bad there were no cute teens in sight. It was kind of frustrating but it did not stop me to look for a trimmed teen. The next day, I woke up early and scouted the streets. Well, Addison greeted me in her hot fairy costume and bucket. Poor teen, her trick or ...

Teeny Bopper Club Amy Brooke
Taking her mind off breaking up with her boyfriend, Amy went to the park to fly a kite. We saw her having trouble getting it off the ground so we went to help her. Amy wasn't really into flying a kite so we made her an offer to be in our secret club with member benefits!

Teeny Bopper Club Amara Heart
Playing some basketball we saw a girl climbing in a tree. Going over there and she was having a hard time getting down. After helping Amara down from the tree we asked her if she wanted some extra cash to be in our special club! After coming back to the studio, Amara was ready for her initiation fucking into our special ...

Teeny Bopper Club Kandy Milan
Wandering around campus we saw a girl almost fall while on her skates. Barry went up to her to see if she was ok. Kandy was all good and was wondering about the camera. It did not take her long to figure out it was for erotic movies and was really interested in seeing what it was like! We all headed back to the studio ...

Teeny Bopper Club Erin Chase
Seeing a girl all alone in the park we have to make her the offer to join our club. Erin was texting and seemed pissed off. Her boyfriend left her and she was pissed off and ready to get even. When we told her about the benefits of our club, she was eager to join and get her lineation fucking!

Teeny Bopper Club Cassidy
On her way to gymnastics practice we caught up with Cassidy. We told her we were looking for models to join our special club and she was interested in the extra cash. When back at the studio she showed us how flexible she was and we could not believe the positions she could get in!

Teeny Bopper Club Krystal Benz
Krystal turned 18 and decided she wanted to move away from NY and head out to Cali to work in the adult industry. After getting to Cali she hears we have a special club that can help her out. She met up with Barry and he said she was good enough for entrance to our club!

Teeny Bopper Club Charlie Lynn
Sitting outside having a cup of coffee, Charlie was deep into a textbook. Since Barry was just done with some classes so he went over and asked if she needed some help. She was in need of a tutor and Barry offered to tutor her and invited her to be a member of our secret club!

Teeny Bopper Club Jessie Alba
At the park we set up a game of ladder ball and started playing. Jessie came up and wondered what we were playing. Showing her how to play we made it a high stakes game of loser gets naked. Jessie accepted and the game was on. Thankfully she lost and we got a new member to the club!

Teeny Bopper Club Haley Sweet
Sitting at the shop in a rainy day we were about to go out to see if we could get some new members to the club. We were waiting for some printing proofs to come over via courier before we could leave. The printshop sent over a hottie to bring us the proofs and we started talking with her. Haley was pretty interested about ...

Teeny Bopper Club Kara Novak
Update: June 26th, 2009Barry met with one of his classmates from his college film class. Freshman Kara was interested in doing her student film with Barry but we had a better idea for a film. We told her about our special club and the signing bonus for joining. Kara was horny and is now our newest member!

Teeny Bopper Club Natalia Rossi
When her ex boyfriend was fucking her hard from behind, Natalia felt a strong build up of an intense orgasm. She could no longer hold back the intense feeling and just let loose completely as her orgasm ripped through her body. As her orgasm climaxed her pussy erupted a stream of cum and squirting all over the place. She ...

Teeny Bopper Club Estrella Flores
I'm fond of cute teens especially the athletic ones. I was out driving when I found one. Her name was Estrella and darn she was wobbly and all while riding her bike. Lucky for her I was there to help her out. I told her I can teach her ride bike. Just like any other innocent teens in town Estrella came with me. I thought ...

Teeny Bopper Club Candice Mia
I was on my way to the studio when I heard a hot teen screaming in the local park. I had no time to check it out so I just came back. I thought she had gone home already but Candice was still there looking for her boxer. Wow, she looked hotter up close. She got small tits, flat stomach and a very beautiful face. We did ...

Teeny Bopper Club Isabella Amour
A fire broke out in L.A. We decided to drive around and check out the scene. On our way to the wildfire we saw Isabella in full fireman's uniform. She was pouting. This teen cutie wanted to help put out the fire but she got left out. I told her we were having this training exercise she could try. Isabella lighted up and ...

Teeny Bopper Club Chase Taylor
Chase was being a daredevil the other day and hit the highway on her mountain bike. She was a bit wobbly while doing it, so I pulled over for assistance. I told her it was not safe to do that on her own. Chase smiled at me and hopped in my pickup. She looked really lovely and her tight teen body was so drool-inducing. ...

Teeny Bopper Club Amanda Blue2
It was time to scout the streets again for some barely legal pussy. I got a tip that the park was the hot spot for cute teenage girls so we went there. I saw Amanda doing yoga like she was warming up for something really big. Well, it was for her sex education class actually. I told her I offer a free hands-on class, which ...

Teeny Bopper Club Megan Moore
I played it low the other day and just drove around town when I accidentally saw a hot blonde teenager. She was looking all sorts of cute in her sunglasses, knotted top and short skirt. Wow that turned me on quick. I pulled over next to her and asked for an hour of her time. Megan hopped inside and did not stop giving ...

Teeny Bopper Club Ellie and Marie
Peeking over the fence we saw our hot teen neighbor and her friend on the slip and slide enjoying the nice weather. After watching them for a bit they took their tops off. Once we saw that, we grabbed the camera and see if the two hotties wanted to be in our club!

Teeny Bopper Club Eden Adam
Eden Adam was an athletic senior I met in the local park. She was leggy, sexy and most of all very horny. She was working on her cardio when I ran into her and I told this blonde teen that I have the perfect workout plan for her. Eden giggled and she came with me back to the studio. I stripped her clothes, tongued her ...

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