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Cost: $6.93 Trial, $39.95 Monthly RexMag.com Rating: 79

Teen Teen Teen - TeenTeenTeen.comThe tour page of Teen Teen Teen says "The Ultimate Lesbian XXX Experience," but there is nothing lesbian about these babes! As soon as you log in you can see that they are sucking down big cock at every possible opportunity. They're practically inhaling these giant dicks. It's a sausagefest for teen girls, and they just love to suck it, ride it, and let those wet pussies gush all over it. Hell yeah. Let's not waste any more time, let's check out Teen Teen Teen.

The first thing that hits you is that these girls on Teen Teen Teen are real amateurs, yet they are really pretty babes. Some teen amateur sites will take any girls that are willing to suck dick on camera without any regard for them being hot. I'm happy to tell you that these babes are smoking. They look like real teens that you could find in your neck of the woods though. Not so perfect that they're unreal. Wherever Teen Teen Teen is finding these girls, I hope they never change their source.

I'm a fan of the layout here because it's clean and basic, with the content playing the starring role. The links to bonus sites are conveniently down the left side, and you won't have to log into each one individually. The updates are shown on the rest of the page, each with its own thumbnail, a title, and the date. They've been updating a few times per week, and so far they have 45 updates. There's also a giant archive of their older content that you'll be able to access by clicking on a banner at the bottom of the updates. You will have to enter your password again for that one though.

I'm going to focus on the newer updates in this review--clearly the older ones will be of lesser quality, but it's awesome that they still make them available without cluttering up the main pages with them. Clicking on one of the update thumbnails takes you to a one-shot page where you can watch your Flash movies (small or full screen) and download your WMVs in full or broken down into smaller clips. These are excellent quality, 720p resolution. Very good videos here, capturing everything from the start of the action to the final money shot. Great quality.

If you enjoy screencaps, you'll want to note that not all of the updates have them. I clicked on a random sampling of ten updates and only one of them had screencaps. These are large at 1500px but not as clear as I'd like them to be. I was surprised because all the other sites on the network have the same type of format, and the screencaps were super crisp and clear. Remarkable, really. These don't quite make the grade, but they're better than nothing at all... which is unfortunately what you get on so many of the updates.

OK, let's talk about the bonus sites. Here's what you get: Big & Slutty, Interracial Fuck, Sex Spy, Wetscape, Wives Exposed, Sinful Tales, Granny Fucking, Asia Porno, Upskirts, Spycams, FuckSpy, Adult Movie Zone, Old Tarts, Dirty Dykes, All Big Cocks, Simply Tranny, Interracial Fuck Orgy, Cum Splatter, and Asian Angels. The major plus here is that the resolution is a solid 720p throughout the entire network, and all of the sites that I've had the pleasure of reviewing so far have had updates at least once per week. Usually more. I can't complain here. They really give you a lot of sites for your dollars!

Now about those dollars... unfortunately the price for the site is a little high at $39.96 per month. Maybe I'm cheap when it comes to my porn, but I like to pay under thirty bucks unless it's true HD quality and a LOT of it. However this site does have a lot to offer, in hi-res quality, and with tons of bonus sites. You'll want to use your own judgement on whether or not the price is worth it to you, but if we were going on content alone, I'd say this site is a winner. Final score is 79/100.

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