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Hot Campus Teens Missy Stone
Missy would do ANYTHING to meet her favorite rock star. She flew all the way from Connecticut and shows up at his front door, where his manager tells her the only way to meet him is if she'll agree to fuck them both. She agrees and they make sweet music initiating her as a good little groupie.

Hot Campus Teens Pheobe Jones 2
Phoebe was out playing some cards with her friends when she noticed they had just left her there, the game is now Down to 3, so its time for a game of Poke-her and we'll play for the win! And the prize will be all over her face!

Hot Campus Teens Marisa Mendoza
So, you want to be a star?! You can make thousands of dollars if you can suck cock and take huge dicks! Is the lure of the almighty dollar enough to get this girl to bare all for our camera? Cum find out what makes this tiny titty eighteen year old moan with pleasure!

Hot Campus Teens Charly Fire
Charly is just looking for a couple extra bucks to help fill up her car and boy will she get some filling up alright! Filled with some hot man meat!! Watch out this one is a sure one to make you cum, FILL'R up!!!

Hot Campus Teens Tori Black
It's not every day that Lady Godiva shows up at your front door! The guys have no idea how they got so lucky but when a hot naked teen shows up at your front door and announces she wants to fuck, you just don't ask questions. She won't leave disappointed and neither will you after you view this hot teen porn!

Hot Campus Teens Jasse Monroe
After losing her job, Jassie is looking to make the big bucks and become an actress. But there's one audition she has to pass. Watch as we convince this superstar what Hollywood is all about! Getting fucked by anyone for the cash!

Hot Campus Teens Dakoda Brooks
Looks like three's a crowd on this date, but not when the princess wants her cake and eat it too. The guys decide to punish the pussy for inviting them both over, but this turns out to be less of a punishment and more of a pleasure when Dakoda gets a double shot of guy gravy to her smokin' ass! Looks like she's caught ...

Hot Campus Teens Alisha K
We had just left the store when Alisha tried to panhandle us for bus money. Like usual, it only took a minute to get her back to our studio, where we keep the big bucks. Naturally the lure of easy cash brought out her greedy side, but it also brought out her slut side!! Cum see the action!!

Hot Campus Teens Candy Jones
Poor Candy is an exchange student from Germany. This sweetened treat is looking for some help that only we can provide. All we had to do was flash a couple of bills in her face and her tight muschi was ours for the taking!

Hot Campus Teens Isabella Summers
Isabella was looking to have a good time when she approached us. We offered her some cash and a throbbing cock to have a good time and she was all for it! Watch this little slut give it up like a good little horny girl!

Hot Campus Teens Alisha Zee
Waiting for her taxes so she can get home, beautiful Alisha is stranded with no way to get home! A few bills later and we have this little stunning slut right where we want her, on her knees sucking us off! Boy did we get lucky, and so did she!!!

Hot Campus Teens Natalie Norton
Natalie really needed to get laid and she wasn't going to fuck around playing bar games. Instead she went straight to the public. We slammed on the breaks when we drove past her holding up a big cardboard sign which read "Will Fuck For Fun!!" But as soon as we got her home we went full throttle!

Hot Campus Teens Becky Sweets
Turn-ons: The Greek ethos, Porthos, Aramis, Brut cologne, Brutal butt sexTurn-offs: Sexual pathos, banana peel smokers, clove smokers, Napoleonic retardosAmbitions: To unravel the mathematical mysteries of cohomology and infinite-loop spaces Favorites: I like to throw down a tarp, chill the ham, light some candles and ...

Hot Campus Teens Mackenzee Pierce
Mackenzee was boning up on her soccer skills in the park when these two brittle bastards caught a glimpse of her athletic physique. Watch as they put her ball handling skills to the test and practically pay this sexy soccer seductress's way through college!!!

Hot Campus Teens Kendra Kay
Kendra was collecting coins for her candy cache when she came close to the cunt-happy carpet crooners. Dick and Rob offered to buy all of the candy to free up her time for them to fondle her. She found that camp will never match the fun she had getting there.

Hot Campus Teens Jayden Simone
Turn-ons: Perfect tits, big soapy tits, oily weeners, tight britchesTurn-offs: Sad little peckers, destitute fuckers, disheveled dudesAmbitions: To go straight to the top, bitches!Favorites: Booze, loud rock & roll, hot buttered boobs for me to lick!

Hot Campus Teens Faye Valentine
Turn-ons: Felt, sandpaper, spicy pickles, flat headsTurn-offs: Magical mystery tours, roads to recovery, highways to HellAmbitions: To go on a booze-fueled fuck rampage!Favorites: Rump relief, sudden explosive facials, tit-fucking and what have you

Hot Campus Teens Faith Daniels
Turn-ons: Fat cocks & fat wallets!!!Turn-offs: Turn-coat porn stars, preachy fuckers, liarsAmbitions: To party with Lemmy!Favorites: Old rockers, whiskey, porn

Hot Campus Teens Lexi Lynn
Turn-ons: A well-seasoned ass smothered in hot gravy!!! Lordy!!!!!!Turn-offs: Cranky fuckers, clowns, mimes, rap, reggae, bounced checks!!Ambitions: To both rama-lama-ding-dong AND wop-bop-a-loo-mop-a-whop-bam-boom!!!Favorites: Traveling, sight-seeing, drinking, dining, dancing, chugging cock!!!!!!!

Hot Campus Teens Cassidy Essence
Cassidy was going door to door collecting donations for her cheerleading camp. We knew this cheerleading camp-tramp would be perfect for our "try outs". That pussy was so tight that we couldn't give her our full extension! Watch as this sexy, beautiful nymph climbs on top of our meat batons, sucks and licks our ...

Hot Campus Teens Nikki Luv
After a hot day at the gym playing basketball, Nikki met up with the ancient assholes. They wanted her play with their balls! Trying to coax this teen out of her clothes took some effort (plus some cash), but the end result was a teen sucking, fucking, and moaning to these geezers delight! Watch how much cash they part ...

Hot Campus Teens Aariella Alexis
With us in need of our medication, the pharmacy had it delivered to us, and they sent Aarielle. She's a sexy 19 year old, so we thought we'd get our dinosaur dicks hard and wet while giving her a little cash for her time! Aarielle lasted longer than our medication and sent us on an ecstasy vacation. Cum watch as she works ...

Hot Campus Teens Nina Stevens
Nina, a blazing hot 19 year old came over to meet us... two old geezers. Letting money guide her decisions, we quickly turned this intern into internal ground-round. Poking and sliding into her hairless meat mound, and choking this tiny princess with our wrinkled meat daggers, she was soon a pro at bridging the gap between ...

Hot Campus Teens Gia Givanna
Gia, Gia geriatric dick eater. This soft young thing told us that she hasn't had a lot of experience when it comes to sex but she loves to suck dick. So we made sure that she had a meat stick to suck on while her taco was getting stuffed with a fat sausage.

Hot Campus Teens Jaclyn Case
Sneaky Dick found cutie Jaclyn all for himself and he wasn't plunking down greenbacks for all her hard work! $325 and a pricey dress later she was knee deep in ancient dick and loving every minute of it! Don't miss this one!

Hot Campus Teens Chavon Taylor
What is the best interaction between OLD and YOUNG?? Sticking an ancient cock in a nice teen pussy! It's time to give her a quick ride on the baloney pony! No teen can ever this turn down; especially if we say we've got a few bills involved! Spread them teen legs, its time to drill for oil!

Hot Campus Teens Jacky Joy
A quick dip in the pool Jacky thought she was just there to have a little relaxation, but we had another idea in mind...It's so easy to show a little cash to get a nice piece of ass! Teens are so money hungry its amazing how much of the teen pussy we're getting! jealous? Check it out!!

Hot Campus Teens Sasha Grey
Curious little Sasha heard about us from a friend too bad she didn't hear everything!! The bait has been set and we're ready to give this little cash hungry teen a double dose of the wrinkled old cocks! Will it be worth it to her? Who cares, it'll be worth it to us when we get off!!!

Hot Campus Teens Kyanna Lee
Little Kyanna lost her sweet little pussy cat, searching frantically thru the yard, we offer her some cash for another kind of pussy, Just a few bills in and we are ready to get our cocks deep inside this little teen slut!! We Maybe old, but we know how to get the job done right!!!

Hot Campus Teens Kissy Kapri
Playing pranks are what teens do best, Knocking on doors and running away and this hottie knocked on the right door! She claims she's bored we'll give her some good entertainment with our hard cocks!!!

Hot Campus Teens Kayden Faye
Kayden is looking for a donation for the teen group home; we'll give a donation into her deposit box!! This sexy Bad girl is ready to cash in and so are our hard cocks!! Teens for Cash!! Cum and get'm!!!

Hot Campus Teens Jessica Ruby
We find this sexy tattooed teen Jessica trying to get home, hoping to run into some luck at the train station, we can help out if she's willing…nothing is free anymore...It's GAS or ASS and we think she'll go for option B ! Cum See if we're right!!

Hot Campus Teens Tiffani Rox
Trying to raise money we have Tiffani selling candy for a good cause, but we were looking for a different kind of treat, and we think it's hidden like treasure, we have some rock hard metal detectors that will find this sweet treasure! Get those metal detectors out!! Its treasure hunting time!!!

Hot Campus Teens Nychole
Looking over a an accident in the street we find this tasty little treat Nychole, After a brief discussion of her lack of funds we talk her into coming back to the studio for some questions and in return we'll give her some cash, pretty little naive teens who will do anything and anyone for money!! Gotta Love it!

Hot Campus Teens Emma Cummings
Emma is one teen you don't want to miss, she's ready to suck Some cock and get paid for it. Why can't all teens be this eager?? She hopes to one day make it big in the Model world, we have it two big opportunities for her right now!! Cum See what she is willing to do to earn some cash!!

Hot Campus Teens Pheobe Jones
Phoebe was out playing some cards with her friends when she noticed they had just left her there, the game is now Down to 3, so its time for a game of Poke-her and we'll play for the win! And the prize will be all over her face!

Hot Campus Teens Madison
Madison is struggling with her algebra class as well as getting the funds to pay for her books, the bribe of a gift card is to answer some questions about campus life and maybe take a little ride on the baloney pony!!

Hot Campus Teens Bianca
A couple questions into our interview and Bianca's figured out that our documentary is not just on campus life, but the freaky side of it. Bianca is fine with the way this interview is going, even taking off her clothes while we continue. This is one freaky HOT CAMPUS TEEN you don't want to miss!!

Hot Campus Teens Megan
Looking for a new dorm, Megan is trying her best to get one before its too late! It's a good thing we came across her. I'm always willing to help out the college girls, in anyway I can!! But a dorm like this one doesn't come easy, unless the girl is!!! Cum see if she has what it takes!

Hot Campus Teens Jenn
Jenn is a sad and broke college girl. She's so upset that she can't afford anything besides her school finances. Recently single, guess her boyfriend couldn't keep up with her sexually...thats where I come in, If there is a way that I can help this poor teen out, is give her some yogurt slinger to suck on!! Cum check it ...

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