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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days Rating: 80

Nastya Girl - NastyaGirl.comAre you ready to check out Nastya Girl? That's not a typo, it's her name! Nastya is a sexy young teen who loves to take it all off for the camera. She talks about loving the heat of the lights and the flashes of the lens on her skin. She said she used to catch her boyfriend masturbating to internet porn, and that's what got her turned on to having her own site! Now she wants you to be the one jacking off to her movies and photos. She sold me on that, so I'm about to log in and follow her orders! Let's get into Nastya Girl right now!

One error I'd like to point out before I go any further is right on the main member page. Where the bonus sites are supposed to be listed and linked, there's nothing at all. This makes me a little bit concerned about members of this site being able to access the bonus sites. I was able to log into all of them with my username and password, but mine was specifically generated for all the sites, so I can't confirm that the one you're given for Nastya Girl will actually work for all the sites. The friends section is blank too, so I'm wondering if they're not giving out the full network pass with this one. You might want to check with the webmaster before you join if that's something that's important to you.

From what I can tell the site isn't updated anymore—there are no dates on the updates and there are so few videos (just 12) that I have a hard time believing they're still adding to it. The photos on the other hand are very plentiful—175 sets in all—so maybe they are still adding to those. The photos are definitely the strong suit on this network, so if you're big on photography you may have found a great place to hang awhile.

In terms of content, one thing that jumped out at me immediately is that all of the photos have this orange glow to them. Either she's wearing orange or the background is orange, but I'll be damned if every single photo set isn't orange in some way. Lots and lots of oranges, flesh tones, and browns. I'm guessing that they shoot all these photos in the same house, and it's all decorated in the same shades. There are a few here and there that change it up, but for me, it got monotonous. If I can't tell the difference between one photo set and the next, I'm turned off. She's hot, but come on Nastya, change it up!

The great news is that the photos are real professional photographs, completely HQ, sized 1024x680. So clear, so sharp, so fucking fantastic to look at. Despite my complaints about the photos all having the same colors, they are damn gorgeous. Nastya is a flawless, beautiful girl. If you're not swept away by these, then there's something wrong with you. Just look at those perky titties and creamy white skin. She's a beaut. Just over 50 photos per set, but that's enough if you ask me. Really excellent shots. No complaints here (beyond what I said above!). Oh and zip sets too, just under 10MB. Perfect.

Now let's look at those videos, shall we? They're available in both WMV format and AVI format, and they're all full size downloads of anywhere from 30MB to 50MB. The resolution is 720x576 and you'll see that the quality is quite good though they are very slightly blurry and pixelated. It's too bad that Nastya Girl doesn't put as much quality control onto her videos as she does on her photos! These need to be amped up a little before I could completely recommend them. Even if I could, there are only 12 of them. She's a sexy girl who knows how to work the camera, but this is just an appetizer. Where's the main course?

You also get all of these great bonus sites from the Pancho Pass network: True Tere, Kylie Teen, Piper Fawn, Lez B Teens, Tabatha Fey, Cute Girl Feet, BFT Girls, Teen Travels, Teen Foot Club, Ana Fey, Stormy Friday, Porn Wipes, Dasha Markova, Harmony Finn, Ivy Summer, Felicity Fey, 18 Magazine, Kristina Fey, Katie Fey, Andi Pink, Crimson Teens, Scarlet Peaches, Red City Nudes, Panty Fruit, Ariel Rebel, Wild Tarts, Paris Tale, Tranny Sex Nation, and Exclusive T Girls. Pretty good sites, but many of them are not updated so you'll have to rely on their archives.

Pricing for Nastya Girl is $34.95 for 30 days or $69.95 for 90 days—both options are available for credit cards, debit cards, and online checks. If you opt to join by phone you can only choose the 30 day membership. So how do I feel about this site overall? I'd say you'd have to be a real photography buff to want to join this site for that price. The photos are absolutely stunning and completely HQ, but the movies are lacking so much in quantity that I couldn't possibly recommend the site based on that. Nastya Girl is fucking gorgeous and she deserves a better site than this. I recommend her photos, and her videos as an appetizer because that's all they give you! Final rating? 80/100, and recommended only for those who don't care too much about video content!

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Nastya Girl Picture

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  • Nastya Girl by 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (69/100):
    I've heard of the name Anastasia, but it wasn't until visiting Nastya Girl that I considered the possibility that Nastya could be a young woman's name. However, after checking out the eight movies and 131 picture sets, I began doing some research. Many Eastern Europe chicks are christened with a name so close to "nasty" it hurts. Don't worry, she's pretty innocent, although this sexy blonde does like getting naked on camera.

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