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Cost: $9.95 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $54.95 for 3 Months Rating: 80

Pornstar Key - PornstarKey.comPornstar Key is a huge multi-pass membership to a great collection of pornstar sites. Let me give you a quick glimpse of each girl that you get, and then I'll tell you a little bit about each one. Here you go: Anetta Keys, Bree Olson, Brittney Skye, Crissy Moran, Evelyn Lory, Jana Cova, Kyla Cole, Mili Jay, Monica Hajkova, Raylene Richards, Silvia Saint, Susana Spears, Tawny Roberts, Tory Lane, Veronika Zemanova, and Zdenka Podkapova, and then they finish it off with three extras: Pornstar Angels, Pornstar Stockings, and Webcam Hotties. Did all those names get your mouth watering? Mine too. Let's log in to Pornstar Key and find out the details on each one!

Let me give you a quick snapshot of what each individual babe's site is like on Pornstar Key, how it's designed and what kind of content there is. Each site is similar in layout but decked out in different colors and themes to match each girl. You'll see the links to all of the girl's sites going down the left side, and the content on the right. You can access different pages of the sites (mostly home, movies, solo pics, lesbian pics, and hardcore pics) by clicking on buttons that go across the top.

In terms of content on Pornstar Key, the movies vary in resolution. Some are as small as 448x352, while others are as big as 704x396 or even 720x576. If you're used to HD content at this point in time, that's a significant downgrade, but the movies do look really good. If they are smaller than 100MB you can usually download them in one clip, but if they are larger than that you'll be able to get them in clips of 50MB to 100MB each. The photos are where Pornstar Key really shines—they are 800x1200 resolution, and purely perfect quality! There are anywhere from 30 photos to 100 photos per set, just depending on whether they are solo, lesbian, or hardcore. They also offer zip sets.

One other thing that I really like on Pornstar Key is the fact that all the movies or all the photos are shown on ONE page. In other words, the movies are all going down one page, the solo pics are all going down one page, the lesbian pics are all going down one page, etc. No flicking through hundreds of pages to get to what you want. It's a great setup.

OK, first up on set of the girl's sites is Anetta Keys. This babe is incredibly hot! Silky dark hair, straight and just past shoulder length... Her body is petite and fit and her breasts are perfect and perky! Unfortunately this site hasn't been updated in several months, and there are only four movies featured on her site, along with 39 sets of solo pics, 13 sets of lesbian pics, and 6 sets of hardcore pics. I'd say it's worth it to drop by the Anetta Keys site during your membership for those few movies and the great pics, but it's a shame that this one isn't really updated anymore from what I can tell.

Next we've got Bree Olson. This babe charmed my heart a while back and every time I see her I get download fever. She's one of those cute perky blondes that you can't get enough of. Kinda reminds me of the hot girls back in the 80s that you'd do anything to bang. There's just something about her that's a little hotter than most of the chicks that are out there today. Unfortunately there are only six movies here, recently updated but not often enough. In the pictures section you'll see 16 sets of solo pics and 2 sets of hardcore pics. There's definitely not enough content here, but if you're a member of Pornstar Key you'll want to stop by and see Bree Olson at least once.

Brittney Skye is waiting for you to check her out next, and she's a hottie with platinum blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Strangely, her movies section only includes two movies and then a listing of four Bree Olson bonus movies. There are no dates on the actual Brittney Skye movies, so I can't tell how often they update (with just two movies, I'm guessing not at all). In her solo pics section there are 17 sets, in her lesbian pics section there are 11 sets, and in the hardcore pics section there are 7 sets. Not an overwhelming amount of content there. These are not recently updated either.

Ready for Crissy Moran? This is one of the hottest babes in the business, with long lush wavy hair and lips that look so perfect wrapped around a dick. Unfortunately she's only got three movies on the site, none of which are hardcore. Two are lesbian flicks. She's got 27 solo sets of pics, 7 sets of lesbian pics, and just one set of hardcore pics. There's not a lot here, but being that it's Crissy Moran, I'd definitely carve out a small chunk of your membership to check out her content, even if it doesn't last you very long.

Evelyn Lory is next on the list. Hot babe with dark hair and a sophisticated look, and a movies section that's filled with 8 movies, all lesbian and solo content. There are photos too—27 sets in solo pics and 7 in lesbian pics. There's not really a ton of content here, but she's irresistible in her movies and photos so I'd say she's worth a look (or two!) anyway.

Time for Jana Cova now. She's a stunning blonde with Barbie doll looks. There are only 7 movies of hers on the site, but despite that low amount, they're a good mix of hot hardcore movies and sexy softcore stuff. She's also got 38 solo pics sets and 8 lesbian pics sets for you to enjoy. Lots of recent updates here, so this one might actually be growing!

Kyla Cole is a stunner with that real European look, wavy light brown locks, and clear blue eyes. Gorgeous. I'm sorry to say that her site is not updated anymore either (or at least not recently), and it only features photos—no movies at all. Her solo pics section has 32 sets and her lesbian section has 15 sets. I wouldn't recommend this on its own due to the fact that there are no movies, but as part of the set of Pornstar Key sites, why not check it out and enjoy the hi-res pics?

Mili Jay is the next sexy European pornstar on our list, a striking black haired beauty with waves that go on for days. Her body is tight and fit just the way you like it. This one features 14 great movies, unfortunately not updated in many months, but still worth your time. In her solo pics section you're going to find 41 photo sets, 18 in the lesbian section, and 3 in the hardcore section. I like Mili Jay a lot with her dark hair and striking features... she's a hottie that's not to be missed.

So how about Monica Hajkova? She's a blonde with perfect C cups and a petite little body to match. The content on her site is limited to movies, solo photo sets, and lesbian photo sets. Sadly there's just ONE movie here—a sexy striptease video—so you will definitely be left wanting more. She's got 27 sets of solo pics, and then there are just 2 sets of lesbian pics. How I wish there were hardcore sets of this stunner!

Raylene Richards is another babe who won't foray into the hardcore world, but she's got a bunch of solo movies and a hot lesbian group sex video for you to check out. 8 movies total, 35 sets of solo pics, and only 2 sets of lesbian pics. This girl clearly has a craving for some female loving... Gotta check her out before she really explodes on the scene.

Silvia Saint—well, if you don't know Silvia Saint then just give me the address of the rock you're living under and I'll mail you some of her DVDs. She's clearly the star of the network and I'd expect nothing less than a PACKED site—I know she's got more than enough content floating around out there! Unfortunately I'm surprised to see that this site hasn't been updated recently, and I'm sad to say that there are only six movies here. What's up with that? Her solo pics section houses 59 sets, her lesbian pics section has 18 sets, and her hardcore pics section also has 18 sets. I guess they don't put much more priority on the Silvia Saint site than they do on the others in this network—too bad, because what they do have is excellent. They just need more of it.

All right, next is Susana Spears. Her updates are a little more recent than the rest, but there are long stretches between them. Her movies section holds just five flicks, all solo. She's got an impressive 42 solo photo sets though, followed by three nice sets of lesbian pics. No hardcore pics here. She's a hot brunette babe—don't skip over her during your stay on Pornstar Key.

OK, Tawny Roberts. Sexy name, even sexier broad. Blonde and gorgeous, and I swear she's got a lavender hue to her luscious eyes. She does it all from solo to lesbian to hardcore. Her movies section has six movies, which seems to be about the average on this whole network. How many solo photo sets? 27. How many lesbian sets? 3. And hardcore sets? 12. Not bad—a pretty decent site, at least in comparison to the others here.

Tory Lane does it all too—hardcore, lesbian, solo... She's a lovely brunette with perfectly round fake tits who seems to have a penchant for having a dick in her mouth 24/7. Gotta love it. She's got a few more movies than most of the girls on the network—9 movies. And then with the photos there are 16 solo sets, just 2 lesbian sets (but VERY hot so don't skip them just because of quantity!), and 7 sexy hardcore sets. Delicious.

Now for the luscious raven haired Veronika Zemanova... Unfortunately this mind blowing hottie doesn't have any movies, she spreads her hotness over only solo and lesbian pics. 22 solo sets and 3 sweltering lesbian sets—you will be wishing there were more. I guarantee it.

Zdenka Podkapova is next (that name's a mouthful but so is that sweet pussy!). She's got 50 solo sets—more than any other chick on the network—and unfortunately only three lesbian sets. No hardcore sets for her, and I'm really sad to say that there are no movies. This is one blonde that you can't afford to miss, even though all you get are pics.

Pornstar Angels features 129 different pornstar chicks with a varying amount of content for each girl. It would be damn near impossible to count all the updates here since they're listed under each girl's name separately, but it's a big addition to your membership even if they only have one update per girl. Worth your time for sure—you'll see familiar faces like Jill Kelly and Jessi Capelli here too. Good stuff.

Pornstar Stockings puts all the content with pornstars in stockings in one place. You'll see some non-exclusives here, copied over from the other sites, but if you want all those thigh-high lacy updates all on one site, this will definitely please you. There are only 9 movies here 24 solo sets, 4 lesbian sets, and 14 sizzling hardcore sets. Good stuff here. I just wish there was more.

Webcam Hotties was supposed to be the final offering from the Pornstar Key network, but as it turns out it just links to a cams page on the site that does not currently work.

To sum it all up, basically Pornstar Key is a nice little trip through some sexy photos and movies of gorgeous European pornstars. The problem is that they barely update any of their sites—rarely if at all. If I total up all of the updates on every single site, you end up with more than 80 movies and over 2,400 photo sets. Looking at it that way, it's not bad at all. But it's hard to imagine that you won't be at least a little bit frustrated going to each site on the network and not finding much content there to greet you.

If you've decided to join Pornstar Key, it's going to cost you $24.95 for 30 days, $39.95 for 60 days, or $54.95 for 90 days. It's not such a stretch to say that the 90 day membership would be worth it even though each individual site doesn't have much content, because again if you add it all up it equals over 80 movies and over 2,400 sets of photos. You've got to use your own judgment though—keep in mind that the photo quality is excellent and the movie quality is pretty good, though not really hi-res by today's standards. I'd give the whole Pornstar Key multi-pass a rating of 80/100 but ONLY taken as a whole—the individual sites definitely could not stand on their own.

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  • Pornstar Key by 8/9/2010 6:16:03 AM (76/100):
    To open the doors to these gorgeous pornstars you will need to get yourself a Pornstar Key. With said key, you will find that you have access to 22 sites each dedicated to one or more pornstars. There are 313 videos to download that are mediocre to stellar in quality. You can save the 1,672 photo sets in convenient Zip files and see them flash by on your screen in a hands-free slideshow. Some parts of the network aren't updating, but you'll always find something new four to fives time a week.

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