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Cost: $1 Trial, $24.87 Monthly, $49.87 Every 3 Months Rating: 68

She Fucked Up - SheFuckedUp.comShe Fucked Up supposedly stole the very best videos from other ex-GF sites and now proudly displays them on theirs. Whether the stealing part is true or not is not important. All that matters is that the ex-GF content on this site is shot in crystal-clear HD and it's hot as fuck. So if ex-GF stuff is what you're into, offers loads of it in high resolution. Still, there are some serious problems that make the site hard to recommend.

SheFuckedUp has been online for about two years and has been getting two or three updates per week for all this time. That means that there's a whole lot of content online already and that you can expect more to come on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the quality of the updates varies immensely. One day you get a 30 minute HD video of a stunning girl taking a dick POV-style, the next day it's 2 minutes of a girl in her nighties dancing to Shakira. Don't get me wrong, every single video here is hot, but some more consistency would be nice.

In fact, consistency is probably the site's most glaring flaw. While most girls in the videos look like genuine ex-girlfriends who strip, masturbate and/or have sex with their boyfriends (and sometimes other girls) on camera, a few videos are clearly taken straight from ‘audition'-type pornsites and feature known pornstars. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but for a site that advertises ‘ex-GF' content, it's a bit unfortunate.

Real ex-GFs or not, the quality of the videos is almost always amazing. In fact, if you have a very old or very slow pc, you might not be able to play some of them on your machine. As you're never given the choice to download other versions, this is something to keep in mind. The pictures, on the other hand, are embarrassingly bad. They're mostly just video stills and low-res photosets. Worst of all, you can't download the whole set at once so you're stuck with a terribly outdated picture slideshow. The pictures really aren't worth bothering with so steer clear of the site if you really need your glamour shots.

The site design is simple, if a bit unimaginative. You might run into a few broken links here and there, but for the most part it does the trick. Don't bother with any of the so-called ‘extra features' (such as live cams and ‘specials'): they're really just links to other sites that'll expect you to pay separately. It seems that you may qualify for some special offers if you sign up for other sites in the Team Skeet network though.

In conclusion, SheFuckedUp has some great content on display, but whether it's really worth the price is up in the air. For most people, $25 a month (or $16 a month if you sign up for three months) is probably too much for what's on offer here and you can get a better deal somewhere else for the same price. On the other hand, if you're a sucker for ex-GF videos, but you're frustrated with the bad quality that usually plagues such content, then by all means, give this site a shot. With several new HD-videos being uploaded each week, there should be something here for everyone.

The final score of 68 may seem on the low side. The reason is that while She Fucked Up does ex-GF videos in HD very well, it does everything else pretty badly. Most people are only interested in the videos though, so if you have no need for pictures or extra features, and you've got a pc that can handle HD content, go for it!

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