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This site is supposed to be dedicated for celebrities. I bet you know the meaning of ‘celebrities' I'm talking about here. Celebrities are the actors and actresses in Hollywood or not specifically in Hollywood but in other countries, which are famous and known worldwide. Well, this is what I know about celebrities, anyway. And this was what I expected from this site. After all, the name of their website indicated it, as well, Roger Celeb. But I was very much mistaken because I didn't get a lot of celebrity faces here in this website. Instead, I get lots of other things, which are not expected in the celebrity site like this. The lots of things I'm talking about here are everything other than what the site promised to offer and what it was supposed to be, considering their name. So, if you're looking for celebrity faces and their tits and asses, then you'll definitely get the greatest disappointment of your life, especially since you're going to pay a lot for this site.

Anyway, let's still review what's inside this website. Even though you will not get what you pay for, you will still get something, and that something still deserves a review.

Roger Celeb seems to have screwed the people, especially the people who subscribed in this site. They promised a celebrity porn site but instead gives another genre of pornography.

If you think and expected that this site will bring you naked pictures of Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and other beautiful Hollywood personalities, then you will be disappointed. Instead this site will bring all kinds of porn, from live sex shows to softcore and hardcore actions. The site also has interactive chat, which is not expected in a porn-celeb site. However, I could give them a hand of applause for the good quality of the pictures and videos, even though they are not celebrity pictures.

There are still pictures of celebrities but only a few. And these pictures are not naked but only sexy. The celebrities are caught in pictures in their sexy lingerie or skimpy swimsuits. There are no real nude pictures, just a little peak of the breast and lots of legs, but aside from that, nothing else.

The site is very easy to navigate since their content is not very much. The pictures and videos are limited, but for those few videos, you can see some celebrities going almost naked and doing some kinky stuff, but not the real stuff.

Overall, the site is pretty fast, but if you try to download the videos, the site will bring you to another website. Some people may find this really annoying because I definitely am annoyed.

The site has no specific updates. Maybe they will only update their site if they are able to get interesting pictures and videos of celebrities, taken, of course, without the celebrities' knowledge.

This site will not give you so much about celebrities, so if you're looking for some celebrities' bodies, then I suggest you go and look somewhere else.

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