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Boob Exam Scam Brigette
This hot mama sure had a huge rack! The dumb slut actually believed we were legitimate doctors even though the nurse was a complete bimbo! Watch Brigette get scammed into sucking and fucking on film for the first time!!

Boob Exam Scam Rachel 2
Rachel's at the doctor's office to get an annual shot. A pest control guy is there too and today he just happened to be in the right place at the right time! Watch this bugman exterminate the ants in this lusty lady's pants with a shot of his own.

Boob Exam Scam Krystal-Lynn Lovely 2
Lauren's at the doctor's for a pre-surgery checkup but it's the doctors assistant that will be doing this exam. Recognizing the worried look on her face when he tells her that she won't be able to have sex for at least two months after the surgery, the assistant offers to assist her with that before she goes under.

Boob Exam Scam Brianna Beach 2
Inmate Brianna thinks she can get out of work by faking sick. The prison Dr. figures out that its a ruse and decides to put her ass on lock down so he can go downtown. He convinces her that she'll need to spread wide for an internal exam which leads to a deep probing investigation.

Boob Exam Scam Hailey Young
A bad leg strain put Hailey on crutches until her check-up. After a quick examination, her Dr. determined that she had deep tissue nerve damage. However unorthodox, he insisted that a deep vaginal massage would ease her pain, and he was happy to help her over and over again.

Boob Exam Scam Leilani 2
Leilani's neighbor is a doctor happy to administer his treatment to her. Starting with a procedure called cunnilingus, then oral doses of chub, followed by a big prick right between her legs.

Boob Exam Scam Candi Apple 2
Candi Apple's milk bags were a little drained after all the breast feeding lately, so she came to the doc to get them re-inflated. Too bad the doc is really a quack, but she wont know that until it's too late!

Boob Exam Scam Katie 2
Katie came to me to diagnose the strange metallic taste in her mouth, but since I didn't really go to med school, the only way I could help her was by dumping jizz down her throat and giving her a new taste to think about!

Boob Exam Scam Cecilia 2
Cecilia has "tickle-itis", and if you touch her breasts, she can't stop laughing. The ol' doc had seen this before; but the only cure was to massage her tits while keeping his cock down her throat to stop the laughing!

Boob Exam Scam Kayla 2
Kayla told the us about the pain in her back, and thought that her Megalithic Mammaries were to blame. We've seen this condition before; knowing there's no cure, we decided to ease her pain with some dick!

Boob Exam Scam Dylan Ryder
What Dylan lacked in brains, she more than made up for with her nice, natural tits. She was craving attention of the kind only a highly trained professional can give, so I gave it to her, right in her cunt!

Boob Exam Scam Kayla
Kayla had high sensitivity in her breast and pelvic regions. We took it upon ourselves to perform emergency treatment, for she was in dire need of a huge cock rammed down her throat, then a medicinal pussy pounding!

Boob Exam Scam Alexis
Alexis had been naughty with the nipple torture, causing soreness in her tits. The doc had experience treating patients with this condition: a heavy dicking of the pussy and wad shot down the throat should cure her!

Boob Exam Scam Ginger Lee
Ginger had no obvious symptoms during her exam, a very bad sign. So we took a "hole-istic" approach, thoroughly probing her throat and pussy. Ginger even got a complimentary load in the face for no extra charge!

Boob Exam Scam Ivy
'Ari-areolis' affects women with large breasts. Recommended treatment: the patient must fuck her M.D. in several positions, making her tits bounce, then receive large quantities of warm semen on the face.

Boob Exam Scam Samantha
Samantha was worried that she couldn't feel her breasts, obviously an urgent problem requiring swift medical attention. Luckily the doctor's professional pecker was able to blast some medicinal lotion on them, preventing costly surgery.

Boob Exam Scam Baylee
Bubble boobies, an affliction that affects millions of women each year. The only cure is dumping about 4 ounces of pole pudding on them. But only after a doctor's highly trained penis has checked the tonsils.

Boob Exam Scam Kiah
Kiah was in for her yearly breast exam but forgot all about her tits once the doctor's equipment came out. Then the doc applied the magic healing powers of the dick. The treatment may have left Kiah with a couple sore holes but her tits definitely feel better now!

Boob Exam Scam Nikki Blaze
For research purposes we have placed a camera in the office. The patient's condition is severe and will need closer study. After tasting the pussy it seems that she may need a fuck-ulatory treatment. Her tonsils appear to be in good order, and the tits and pussy are in wonderful shape. Though it seems that only a wad-shot ...

Boob Exam Scam Gisselle
This luscious latina skank was in to have her breasts looked at, but we realized that the case was severe and she needed to suck and fuck her way to good health. Good health and a good nut across them titties you grinning puta bitch.

Boob Exam Scam Diamond
Welcome Diamond, pay no attention to that camera, I teach "progressive anatomy". Oh I'm sorry but you're very ill and the only cure is fucking!! Don't argue with the doctor bitch, just shut up and eat the cock like a good patient!

Boob Exam Scam Alicia
This silly slut needed a check up, but we thought she needed a good ol' fashion dupe and fucking. Once we got sick of her questions we stuffed her yapper with a dose of cock. We finished the procedure with a shot of jiz on them titties.

Boob Exam Scam Lexi Bardot
The doc was very concerned about Serena's sweet titties. So concerned that he had no choice but to give Serena a hard fucking with his thick cock. So concerned that he had to blow his load all over her hot chest!

Boob Exam Scam Destiny
Yeah our "nurse" might be a dim-wit, but compared to luscious latina Destiny, she was a rocket scientist. Destiny fell for the usual scam and before long she was taking the cock like a 5-dollar street tramp! Open wide!

Boob Exam Scam Roxy
Roxy you silly slut, I'm glad you came in to see me because I really needed to blow out a dose of medicine from my meat needle. You were a sucker for my wit, charm, oh yeah, and my cock. Slurp! Here's to your health. Squirt!

Boob Exam Scam Daniella
Danielle came in for a general exam but was shocked to learn she had "Breast-iculitis". Of course the doc was compelled to take immediate action by applying a heavy dose of hard cock in each hole and a jizzlobbing on the tits!

Boob Exam Scam Holly
Holly was whining that her giant breasts were sore but the whining was replaced with moaning once the doctor began to apply a classic healing technique: a hard dick up the pussy and a hot shower of gooey cum all over those huge tits!

Boob Exam Scam Jasmine
As Jug-licious Jasmine sat on the examination table the doctor's tool was already hot. It wasn't long until doc was all over her busty bosom! The game was up once her clothes came off, and it was all suck and fuck from there!!

Boob Exam Scam Kelli
Kelli had tits the size of watermelons and she wanted them even bigger! Well nothing got any bigger in the room but the doctor's cock. Don't worry Kelli, that sticky jizz on your tits won't make them any smaller!

Boob Exam Scam Jessica
My god Jessica had some gargantuan gallon-sized milk jugs!!! They were definitely bigger than her brain because it was easy to scam this slut into stripping in front of the camera and letting the doctor fuck her!!

Boob Exam Scam Trish
Trish's lovely tits were in pain, so the doc gave her some "alternative" medicine! He not only measured her melons with his meat ruler, but also the tightness of her cunt!! Then he sprayed warm lotion on her giant knockers!!

Boob Exam Scam Aidan Layne
Aidan was a hot maiden with luscious areolas! Our hot nurse examined her huge knockers for while but all the doc wanted was probe her sweet pussy with his his tool! A dick a day keeps the patients coming back for more!!

Boob Exam Scam Silvi
This hot blonde had an enormous rack! She wanted a checkup but we couldn't understand a fucking word she said, nor did we care. Instead we just fucked this dumb bitch's tight pussy and showered her beautiful tits in hot cum!!

Boob Exam Scam Ellen
Ellen's hot melons needed emergency treatment right away, but never fear, the dick-doctors are here! We fucked her pussy raw and then cured her nipples with a couple loads of hot jism!! Another satisfied patient!!

Boob Exam Scam Darra
Darra barely knew a word of english, but with a nice rack like that who needs speech? She wouldn't of been able to talk much anyway with our dicks in her mouth! This honey was just what the doctor ordered!!

Boob Exam Scam Arwen
Arwen wanted her breasts checked but didn't understand why we kept sucking them. We said she needs more fucking for her boobs to stay healthy, so we let her use our cocks! And they say docs don't care about their patients!

Boob Exam Scam Sheila
Sheila was a hot blonde with two beautiful milk jugs just waiting to be probed by our "instruments". We gave her tits the attention they needed, but not before performing a "physical" on the rest of her gorgeous body!

Boob Exam Scam Jillian
Jillian came in for a general check-up, wondering why her breasts were bothering her so much. Diagnosis: lack of sex! Treatment: a heavy dose of cock for her tight pussy, and some hot, sticky cum for her aching tits!

Boob Exam Scam Lus
You don't come across a pair of fine jugs like Lus's every day, and our hard cocks were aching to slip and slide between them. We fucked her hard and then came across those fine tits! Good thing Lus was loose!!

Boob Exam Scam Lani Lane
Sexy Lani came in for her check-up, but didn't expect to get checked out quite like this! Our dirty doctor and naughty nurse prescribed two licked pussies and a big dose of hard cock - cured!

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