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Sum Dum Cunt - SumDumCunt.comSum Dum Cunt is a website that caters to all of those out there with yellow fever. Yep, that's right. If you love Asian women, this site is made just for you. Hot, horny, and just waiting to get fucked, the girls of Sum Dum Cunt are certainly a dish.

Sum Dum Cunt offers tons of different sexy cock hungry Asian babes, getting themselves into all kinds of precarious situations. There are Asian girls from all over – Japanese girls, Vietnamese girls, Chinese girls, Filipino girls, Korean girls, Laotian girls, and way, way more. Too many to name. And when it comes to action, these girls certainly can dish it out. All of the videos are totally hardcore, and there's a range of different scenes going on, from face fucking to anal to double penetration to lesbian action and threesomes, and more. Sum Dum Cunt has lots of women getting downright raunchy for the camera.

When you enter the members only area, the first thing that jumps out at you is the newest set. On this page, the sets are arranged by the most recently updated, and they go chronologically in reverse from there. There's also an option where you can browse the models, or you can go through the content either videos only or by photographs only. The tool bar at the top of the page allows for ease of navigation. Oh, and there's a useful 'favorites' feature that I always appreciate: on every set, there is a button giving you the option to add that set to your favorites. Once you have sets added to your favorites, you can easily access them by clicking on the 'favorites' button in the top of the tool bar. There are 78 different sets in all. While Sum Dum Cunt once updated at least once a week, unfortunately it seems that this website hasn't been uploaded any new material since July of 2008. No worries though--there is more than enough to fulfill your Asian cravings.

There are a ton of different options available if you want videos. You can watch the entire video streaming direct from the website, or you can download the content to your hard drive. If you decide to go the download route, there are a ton of ways to do so. For starters, there are three different WMV formats, from high-def 1440 x 1080 (full length only) vids at around 400MB, to medium quality 640 x 360 vids that come in around 67MB full length, or 3MB per 1-minute clip. MPEGs are around 400 x 200 and clock in at roughly 350MB full length, or 20MB per 1-minute clip. iPod compatible MP4 formats are 640 x 480, and are generally around 200MB full length, or 9MB per 1-minute clip. Obviously, I recommend the high-def WMV formats, but the other WMV formats are still really good quality, with good clarity and of decent size. The WMV and the MP4 formats come out better than the MPEG format vids for some reason.

If it's still photography you're after, every set comes with a gallery of video captures lifted from the movie. Each gallery contains an average of about 200 of these 720 x 540 shots, all of them following the action in the scenes step by step. For video caps, they aren't bad quality at all, and you have the option to download the gallery as a ZIP file.

You also get access to the rest of the Jerked network, which among other things, includes membership to Asian Passions, Oriental Orgy, Teenage Whores, and Her First Lesbian Experience. You also get access to 4000 different streaming DVDs. It's an awesome network that I would highly recommend to you.

Membership to Sum Dum Cunt will cost you $29.97 for thirty days access, or $59.97 if you'd rather a ninety day membership. You can pay by check or by credit card. You're looking at a more than adequate supply of hot Asian content here, and overall Sum Dum Cunt earns a final score of 89/100. Join while it's hot.

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Sum Dum Cunt Video

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Sum Dum Cunt Picture

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  • Sum Dum Cunt by 7/16/2009 (74/100):
    Sum Dum Cunt provides 78 episodes featuring lovely Asian ladies having interracial sex with both white fellows and ebony studs. Each comes in great-looking full-length files to download and standard vid caps. There are also 29 pic sets. You can also check out 13 bonus sites. Half of them resemble the main site as far as quality, while the remainder provide streaming-only content instead. It's too bad they haven't added anything new in over a year.

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