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Cost: $6.93 Trial, $39.95 Monthly RexMag.com Rating: 75

Fuck Japan - FuckJapan.comFuck Japan is all about hot Asian babes from, you guessed it, Japan. It's not often enough that you come across a hot Japanese porn site. There are tons of Asian girls out there doing their thing in pornos, but if you're specifically looking for Japanese girls, you need to go to Fuck Japan. Everything is totally exclusive here, featuring the most beautiful girls from the land of the rising sun.

The girls on Fuck Japan are as good as they get. Perky little tiny boobs, petite figures, sweet perfect pussies... There are school girls and nurses, girls who love to play with their sex toys, babes who can't get enough of hardcore, and those who are into FemDom. There are threesomes, hot sex in the pool, Japanese call girls, squirters, babes who love ass play, Japanese MILFs, and casting couch babes. Fuck Japan gives you so many different styles of porn all in one place.

At the time of this review there are 47 updates on the site. That's great, and they are still updating at least a few times per week. Not all of the sites on the network have this many updates. Looks like they are putting a lot of their focus on Fuck Japan, which is great news for you. The updates start going down the main page but then you have to click a link to see the full page of episodes. From there you can click on any one of them to see the update page.

The video will automatically load in Flash format when you go to that page, but it's very small. You'll have to click the full-screen Flash link in order to enjoy the full hi-res Flash video. (In truth I'd say these are a little less than hi-res, but still good.) You'll also have the opportunity to download your movies as WMVs in either clips or as full length movies. Everything is right there at the top of the page and very easy to find.

None of the updates that I clicked on happened to have photos. I don't want to assume that none of them do, because many of the sites on this network have an inconsistent amount of photo sets. But I did click on many of the updates and none had any photos whatsoever. If you're a lover of hi-res photos or screencaps, you will feel that difference here. You'll have to use your own tastes to determine whether or not that's a big enough reason not to join. For those of us who focus on the videos and never pay attention to the photos, you'll never notice the difference.

Since Fuck Japan is a part of the Adult Movie Zone, you'll also gain access to all of their other sites once you become a member. Let me go ahead and tell you all the sites right now: Interracial Fuck, Sex Spy, Simply Tranny, Teen Teen Teen, Wetscape, Wives Exposed, All Big Cocks, Asia Porno (Asian Angels), Big and Slutty, Cum Splatter, Dirty Dykes, and Granny Fucking (Old Tarts). I like the fact that they give you a huge variety of sites, but of course if your fetish happens to be Japanese girls or Asian girls, there's only one other site on the network that you'll love.

OK, let's talk pricing. You can actually get free access to Fuck Japan for one day. If you don't cancel before the day is up, it will automatically rebill monthly to your credit card at $39.97 until you cancel. Though I like to see HD content for that high of a price, since there's a good amount of updates on this site and a whole lot of bonus sites with it, I'd say this is worth it as long as you've got the cash to spend. (Or the plastic to charge!) I'll give Fuck Japan a rating of 75, and I do recommend it. These Japanese babes are too hot to resist.

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Fuck Japan Video
Fuck Japan Video

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Fuck Japan Picture

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  • Fuck Japan by RabbitsReviews.com 8/7/2009 (70/100):
    With a site name like Fuck Japan, you can either be cursing the Japanese or celebrating their sexual fantasies. Here, they are definitely celebrating. What else could those moans of ecstasy mean? There are 46 average-looking videos that you can stream on the site in Flash format. There are no photos available on the website, but members can check out several bonus sites and many other awesome extras.

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February 2, 2012 at 10:33 PM

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