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Asian Girl Girl is the kind of website we've all been waiting for. Who out there doesn't love Asian babes? And what's better than seeing one Asian babe get hot and bothered? Multiple hotties, of course, fucking eachother! On Asian Girl Girl, you get nothing but hot Asian honeys, no dick allowed!

On Asian Girl Girl, they've got Asian babes from all over. Whether you're into Japanese girls, Chinese girls, Thai girls, Filipino girls, Vietnamese girls, whatever, they're here. And every single scene features nothing but hot Asian babes sucking each other's clits, fingering each other's pussies, playing with massive dildos and strap-ons, and making one another cum over and over! Asian Girl Girl is an all Asian sex paradise!

When you first log in to the member's only area, it's a bit tricky. There are a whole lot of links and categories you can click on, but most of that stuff has to do with the All Adult Pass network that the site is a part of, and not actually with this site. Just click on the Featured Series button, and you'll be taken to a page that deals STRICTLY with this website. From there, the first thing you'll see is the most recent update, and all the other updates to the site prior. Now, the member's only area says that this website updates every day, but that's a bit misleading. The NETWORK updates every day, but this website specifically doesn't. I'm really unsure of when it does update, as there is no schedule posted. Thus far, there are only 25 episodes uploaded to the site. To view an episode, just click on the title, and you'll be directed to a page that has all of the content available for that particular set.

Now, if it's videos you want, there are a few different viewing options. You can start off with the streaming video, or if you'd rather you can just go on and download the video to your hard drive. From the looks of it, these videos are somewhere in the 340 x 240 range, maybe a bit bigger, and unfortunately it seems that they really aren't of the best quality. These videos really look like an amateur shot them, and maybe that's what they're going for, amateur style videos. If they are, they are doing it well. You can download a high definition Divx file, which runs around 450MB or so a piece, a WMV format file at around 220MB or so, or an iPod ready mp4 file at around 130MB a pop. Now, when it comes to these videos, I really wouldn't even bother with the high definition downloads, as the quality is lower anyway, and I'd stick with either the mp4 or the WMV files.

If you want photos, there is a gallery that accompanies every episode. There are two links to get to the photos, one directing you to screen caps and one directing you to photography. Disregard the photography button, as it just directs you right to the same screen captures. Every gallery has somewhere around 125-150 photographs per set, and the photos seem to come in around 696px × 357px or so. The photos really aren't the best quality — they are blurry, some are rather pixelated, look kind of stretched out. They don't follow through with all of the action in the scenes, and kind of jump and skip forward sometimes, leaving some stuff out.

Membership to this site also grants you membership to a host of other sites from the All Adult Pass network! Just some of the websites you'll be granted 100% free access to include Lesbo Trick, Latina Girl Girl, Lesbian Sex City, and Real Teens Kissing! Most of those sites are much better than this one, actually. You might spend a lot of time relying on those bonus sites if you decide to join.

A membership to Asian Girl Girl costs $24.95 for a month of access. If you want to get a good deal, you can also get the year long membership plan, which costs $89.99 in all! With only decent quality content, but not a whole lot of it, and an unknown update schedule, I'm going to have to give this one a rating of 69/100. Not really recommended at this time unless you don't mind relying heavily on those bonus sites. Asian Girl Girl has a great premise but a not-so-great follow-through. Keep browsing.

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  • Asian Girl Girl by 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (71/100):
    Two women making love is a beautiful thing. Throw in yet more woman and you get a wonderfully arousing picture. Then, add in the soft, exotic beauty of coffee-colored Asian skin and you've got yourself the very finest in artistic, arousing porn. You can lose yourself in just the skin tones of these beautiful babes, but the lesbian hardcore action will certainly grab your attention too. Asian Girl Girl is definitely a hot site with 25 stellar-quality vids. There are a whole lot of bonus sites and other extras included with a membership and it's a good thing too since the website is no longer updating.

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