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Housewife Kelly - HousewifeKelly.comHousewife Kelly is a hot young housewife who loves getting down and dirty for the camera! When you hear the word housewife you might think MILF, and her stats do say that she's 30--but I'd say Kelly is fresh and young enough to evade that title for a bit longer--she's in that gorgeous middle ground territory of amateur hotties. Can't go wrong there. We're working on getting a custom shoot of her for the site, so stay tuned for that. Housewife Kelly looks like fun, let's check her out.

Housewife Kelly is a wild child for sure. She loves getting nasty, sucking cock, and engaging in some seriously hot hardcore action. There are plenty of outdoor scenes, tons of POV blowjob and cumshot scenes, hot titty fucking, and a few sizzling threesomes too! Don't let the name Housewife Kelly fool you either--there's nothing boring about this hot housewife! She's got a tattoo across her lower back and she's always ready to take it from behind. She even gets some double dick action in some of these updates. Watching this hot dirty blonde get even dirtier is just the beginning. So now you know that her libido is up to par and that she gives her all... but how's the quality of the content, and the quantity? Let me get into all of that for you right now.

Despite the fact that she's labeled herself as an amateur, the site is extremely professional. You've got all your essential navigational links across the top: Home, Bio, Photo Gallery, Live Web Cam, Bonus XXX, My Friends, and Blog. All you've got to do to see the latest updates is scroll down the main page. There are 143 updates at the time of this review, and they're still updating consistently on a weekly basis--very impressive. For each update you'll see one large screenshot and three smaller thumbnails, along with a nice lengthy blog-style description written by Kelly herself! Very nice. It's easy to see at a glance what you'll want to download and what you'll want to skip--personally I'm not seeing any skips! Good stuff here. All worth watching and all capable of getting the job done if you know what I mean.

Right there on the same page you'll be able to choose your connection speed for WMVs (low or high) or grab it in MP4 format for your PSP, video iPod, or other portable video device. For an average length video, you'll see the following download sizes. The lower quality WMVs are usually around 15MB. The higher quality WMVs are typically 70MB. And finally the MP4s are around 30MB. Again keep in mind that the video length varies depending on what's going on in the scene--obviously the regular ol' blowjob videos will be a little shorter, and the sizzling threesome videos will be a little longer. But that gives you an idea of the quality--nice high quality WMVs at the top, and lower quality option for those who need them.

All of the videos are nice quality, coming in at around 640x480 resolution. The WMVs are great for desktop viewing and the MP4s are perfect for your portable devices, so take your pick--all of them work flawlessly and Kelly of course looks fucking stunning in all of them. And damn can this girl suck a mean dick.

You might be used to the sites that have a photo set for each update, but on Housewife Kelly they do it a little differently. There's a separate photo gallery that's divided up into three sections--video screenshots, XXX photos, and my girlfriends. The screenshots are a little blurred as most screenshots are, but they're nice and large at 853x480 resolution, and they're really pretty damn good for just being screen grabs. The XXX photos are a real treat though they're not too large--just 595x897px. They are super crisp and clear, and Kelly of course looks phenomenal in them. Super hot and super great quality. The my girlfriends section is definitely worth a look too--there are tons of hot chicks packed into that gallery, many in truly dirty hardcore situations that you'll want to see for yourself! These look to be real photographs, clocking in at 897x598 resolution, and being extremely crisp and clear in quality. I'm impressed with what I see in the photos section. Very nice.

So what else is worth checking out on Kelly's site? Her bio, actually. Believe it or not. She tells her whole story in that section, along with all her stats including age, hometown, height, weight, hair color, eyes, sign, measurements, shoe size, fave movie, turn ons (no turn offs?), favorite gifts, favorite position, and sexual preference. I won't spoil the surprises for you guys, but I will give you the answer to that last one since I know you're dying to know. She's bisexual. You bet. Good stuff. There's also a webcam on the site, and it wasn't on when I was writing this review but the next live cam show was scheduled for the next morning at 10AM, so it seems like they keep up with this very well. The Bonus XXX section basically just features a couple of unimpressive wallpapers and tons of links to other porno sites. The my friends section is worth a look or two--featuring all the same girls from the my girlfriends photo section. They link to their sites, galleries, and movies from there. Finally there's a blog on the site which you always expect to be stagnant, but Kelly keeps it fresh here too--lots of updates, several times per week. They're short but sweet, and frequent. Can't complain about that.

If you decide to join Housewife Kelly, you'll pay $24.95 for 30 days then $19.95 recurring every 30 days. Alternatively you can get a great deal for $89.95 for 180 days (trial) and then just $15.95 recurring every 30 days. You can choose from a variety of currencies and credit card types. No credit card? You can also join by online check. The prices are the same either way. So do I recommend Housewife Kelly? You bet. She delivers weekly updates, excellent looking videos, a nice photos section, and exciting bonus content that makes it clear that this really is an authentic amateur site. Kelly earns a score of 87/100 from me, and a definite solid recommendation. Housewife Kelly is amateur at its best!

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Housewife Kelly Video

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    What do you do when you're a hot babe who can't get enough sex and you have a husband who likes to watch you bang other people too? First, you start filming these adventures for you own amusement and then you post them online. Voila, you have Housewife Kelly. This site features a hottie who loves sex and, especially, taking facials. With 186 good-quality videos and 125 photo sets you'll get to know Kelly well very soon. She adds more porn every eight to 12 days and offers lots of bonuses like extra photo galleries, video feeds and a blog.

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